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Glen Redgate is an award winning event photographer and video producer with decades of experience throughout Australia and Internationally. .

When you choose Studio007 you gain the advantage of Glen's vast experience as a veteran photographer and television documentary film maker.You will also have the the opportunity to work with Glen's expert team of professionals creating websites and associated media including graphics, animation and online video.

Glen uses the most advanced digital equipment. Glen also uses film cameras which he calls real cameras. Glen is happy to squeeze in frames on real movie film negatives. There is a difference. Past customers say the film prints and canvases look more rounded and natural.

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What else do we do?

Car culture

Glen redgate's Car Culture if you love cars Click Here


Wedding photography, video, venues, cars and much more? Click Here


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17-05-2021 The Great Southern Road travel book is nearing it's completion. More info Here ! Contact today
17-05-2021 Pre order the Great Southern Road travel book and the Great Southern Road DVD  Here ! Contact today